Capital Improvement Program

Since the MWMC completed construction of the community’s regional wastewater facilities in 1984, our community has grown and our treatment facilities have faced new and additional regulations to protect the environment.

Accordingly, a comprehensive update to the original facilities plan was necessary. The resulting 2004-Facilities Plan incorporated input from engineering experts and included the 20-year capital plan.The projects completed in this plan have expanded facility capacity, improved the quality of treated wastewater, and helped us handle peak wet weather flows more efficiently.

Most recently, the MWMC team developed a Partial Facilities Plan Update that provided revised wastewater flow and pollutant load projections, assessed treatment capacity, and provided an updated regulatory assessment. The knowledge gained through these efforts allowed staff to adjust the capital project schedule and optimize the MWMC’s 5-year capital plan. A more rigorous Comprehensive Facilities Plan Update is scheduled for implementation in Fiscal Year 2018/19, which will consider the next 20-year planning horizon.