Biosolids Management Facility


The Biosolids Management Facility (BMF) is an important part of processing wastewater and effectively managing our natural resources. At the BMF, biosolids generated from the treatment of wastewater at the facility on River Avenue are turned into nutrient rich, beneficial organic materials.

Solids generated from the biological treatment of wastewater are pumped from the treatment plant to lagoons at the BMF where, over time, natural decomposition processes further stabilize the materials and reduce pathogens. Once fully treated, the biosolids are dried using mechanical dewatering and air-drying processes. The end result is biosolids, which are safe for the environment, and high in concentrations of valuable nutrients. They are a beneficial resource, containing essential plant nutrients and organic matter and are recycled as fertilizer and soil amendment. The majority of the biosolids are applied to agricultural lands and a small amount is composted for urban use.