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MWMC Ratifies Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Budget, Including Rate Change to Regional Wastewater User Fees

At their June Meeting, the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission (MWMC) ratified the Operating Budget and Capital Improvements Program (CIP) for Fiscal Year 2023-2024, which takes effect Friday, July 1, 2022. The FY22-23 MWMC Budget includes a 3.5% change for regional monthly wastewater user fees. Community members will see this change beginning in July on their utility bills from the Springfield Utility Board (SUB) or Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB). This slight rate change allows the MWMC to continue providing high-quality wastewater services that help protect the Willamette River.

Regional Wastewater Rates

Wastewater fees are billed to all users connected to the Eugene-Springfield regional wastewater treatment plant. Customers pay a combined fee that includes a basic charge and a flow-based fee each month, calculated on the amount of water used and the customer category.

Wastewater fees support the regional wastewater program’s purpose of protecting our community’s health, safety, and the local environment including the Willamette River – an important recreational asset.

The Commission sets regional rates in order to maintain adequate revenues to meet existing bond conditions, maintain the community’s regional wastewater treatment system, and maintain a favorable credit rating. Moderate rate changes are made annually to avoid rate spikes, keep up with inflation, and to position the MWMC for potential future bond issuance in support of wastewater capital improvements. To continually ensure economical use of funds, the MWMC has an annual audit of its financial records. Read the latest version here.

Local Rates

The cities of Eugene and Springfield provide local wastewater collection services and have a local flow-based fee as well. The regional and local fees are combined into one charge and can be read on your Eugene Water and Electric Board or Springfield Utility Board bill.

City of Eugene rate brochure – effective July 1, 2023
City of Springfield rate brochure – effective July 1, 2023

Regional Wastewater System Development Charges (SDCs)

Both the cities of Eugene and Springfield collect charges for the regional wastewater system development charges (Regional SDC Methodology) on the basis of recommendations of the Commission.

At their June 2022 meeting, the Commission voted to extend the MWMC’s Small Home System Development Charges (SDC) Project for another fiscal year. Through this offering, builders of small homes in the Eugene-Springfield area whose projects meet eligibility requirements can apply through their respective city to have regional wastewater SDCs covered by the MWMC. This is part of our ongoing efforts to support affordable housing and infill development as important community issues, in partnership with the cities of Eugene and Springfield and Lane County. To learn more about Springfield’s SDCs, click here. To learn more about Eugene’s SDCs, click here.